Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the reap

Ive been busy with finding money! I wan to better my current lifestyle and also give my mother an above average comfortable life. I wan to be able to travel and bring her along :)

Mom has always been there for the family even when dad was still around. She has been  providing for me and brother when dad couldn make ends meet. Not dat dad did not provide but God wasnt in favour of him. God must have a reason for this...

I started to work right after diploma. Family didn hav enuf funds for me to further studies and i didn wan to burden my dad financially. So i was forced to work at young age and i guess i got mature way faster den my piers >.<

I pretty much went thru blood sweat and tear. Manage to travel to some local asian countries with hard earn savings with frens. Went to Bali, Indo and HK... and dats all i could afford. Every time i travel it was always on airline budget, de hotel budget and food...i had to be very wise on how i spend my money. I had great time neverdeless but i could bring mom along. coz bringing her along means (budget) X 2 and i only had enuf...

So came dis year... i had a drastic change in my career. Thanks to the criss dat happened i got to see that i could do better and i could give better if i put same effort of work in where it gives me the money. I was being approached to be an insurance agent!

Low and behold i took it! and now dat i'm in it i hav no regrets!

Last few days i was feeling really down... my sales weren't coming in. Somehow de seeds dat i sow hasnt ripen... thank God for good frens and AM and a gud environment at workplace i hang on a lil longer. :) today i finally reap a 3K sales

Im gonna continue to reap and reap and reap!

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